The Lake Eyre to West Papua Freedom Flotilla is a journey that hopes to reunite the history and peoples of a land that was once geographically and culturally connected.

This action has been called & endorsed by Indigenous Elders from Australia & West Papua and is actively supported by a coalition of environmental & human rights activists, artists and musicians from all over Australia and globally.

The West Papua Freedom Flotilla is an action of creative resistance against the apartheid of colonisation and destruction caused by multinational mining companies on Indigenous land in Australia and West Papua.

You are invited to join the freedom flotilla in a solidarity sail from Cairns to Daru.
Feel free to join us at any stage of the sail… be part of this movement for peace and justice…

20th-25th July Lake Eyre- Base Camp Alberrie Creek Station S.A.
29th July Brisbane
4th July Townsville

15th – 17th August Cairns

  • 15th August 9-10am
    Press Conference/Release at marina/shipyard
  • 16th August 4-10pm
    Rock the Boat Freedom Flotilla Concert CAIRNS
    a community event for the launching of the West Papua Freedom Flotilla with lots of deadly music!
  • 17th August 6-9am Depart Cairns
    Launch Breakfast BBQ for Freedom Flotilla & ‘Daru Solidarity Sail’

Cooktown stopover 20th August: community event
Thursday Island Customs 25th– 28th August (2-3 day stopover – rendezvous, customs, food shopping etc)

Sat or Sun 30th or 31st August
Rock the Boat Freedom Flotilla Concert DARU

Free Concert for West Papua on wharf

September West Papua border crossing. Dates Contingent. Start of media week
This part is to be negotiated with a smaller crew if you are interested in continuing on from Daru please private contact us ASAP and get involved in the planning of this part of the journey.

LAND (Distance in km)
Lake Eyre to Broken Hill       700km
Broken Hill to Brisbane        1600km
Brisbane to Townsville        1400km
Townsville to Cairns              350km
You are welcome to travel up the Cape by road and see us off in Cook Town.

SEA (Distance in nautical miles)
Cairns to Cooktown                            95 miles
Cooktown to Cape Melville                105 miles
C. Melville to Portland Roads            140 miles
Portland Roads to Thursday Island   160 miles
Distance from Cairns to Thursday Island is 500 miles (nautical mile = 1.8 km about).
Thursday I. to Daru = 135 miles, 2 days overnight
Cairns to Thursday Island is about 7 days – camp Summerset
2 to 3 days in T.I. Anchor near Horn -waiting for other yachts, customs clearance, food shopping and press conference.
2 days overnight from T.I to Daru
TOTAL ABOUT 12 DAYS Some yachts might take a bit longer, we will await their presence in Daru then we pull together local bands and performers for a spectacular Free West Papua concert.

West Papua border crossing. Time and entry point to be negotiated

Dates may be subject to change so keep in touch… Be part of this epic and historical adventure for peace and justice…
We hope to make this an annual event, we will attempt to reconnect land and culture with the Freedom Flotilla until indigenous sovereignty is recognized and West Papua is free…
Izzy Brown 0410535896 /Ronny Kareni 0401222177 /Nicky Stott 042430792

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UNITED STRUGGLE PROJECT Objectives: Record music and make music video clips addressing issues face by displaced people with artists in affected areas, including one collaborative song with a representative from each place Forum for displaced people to express their stories through music and video and documentary making Create networks to unite global struggles Create links with artists globally Target racism against refugees in the broader community Background and Inspirations My main motivation is my love of music and belief in social and environmental justice. Music can be used as a tool for change and education to break down walls, create common ground and unite common struggles. Lake Eyre to West Papua Land and Sea Convoy for Peace and Justice Looking at the ancient ways to find the new beginnings… ‘’We were one people, we still are one people, we must up hold our cultural connection, the old land is calling us.’’ Uncle Kevin Buzzacott Arabuna elder.

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