Freedom Flotilla Flagship

Donated 34ft Roberts Yacht. Please contact us if you can donate any safety, communications or spare fittings for her.

2 thoughts on “Freedom Flotilla Flagship

  1. Forwarding post from Pat:

    “I’m on board ‘Pogue mo thoin’, normally just called pog, the flagship of the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua. She’s rocking ever so slightly with the wind in the rigging and the brine lapping at her hull… This is PEACE! I’ve never been so happy to be working on a chunky old engine, greasy bilge water and all. Old pog is very close to ready, but there is still bloody heaps of other stuff that needs sorting, and anything to do with boats crossing the sea costs… We really need your help. If you can donate, please do, and pleasel share this amongst your mates 🙂

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