June 1st International Day of Actions for West Papua

Melbourne, Manokwari, California, & Brisbane – right across the Pacific, Indigenous communities are holding events for West Papua and the Freedom Flotilla this Saturday the 1st of June.

While in Kulin Nation an Original Nations Passport Ceremony will be held on the steps of the Victorian Trades Hall Council, West Papuans in Manokwari will be coming out on the streets in a peaceful demonstration as a show of appreciation “for the support of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island brothers and sisters.”

At the same time in Berkeley, California, Vanuatu Government Minister Ralph Reganvanu, and Federated Republic of West Papua U.N representative Herman Wainggai will be speaking at Moana Nui 2013 on the issues of Indigenous Rights and local sovereignty.

Following the Passport Ceremony at Trades Hall, Socialist Alternative will be hosting West Papuan activist Ronny Kareni speaking on his nation’s struggle for freedom.

And after all these great events showing the Pacific’s solidarity for the people of West Papua, we’ll be ready to party! Melbourne’s Bar 303 will be going off to the sounds of Flybz, Ee’da, DJ Sadge and Pandie Panther. At the same time Turnstyle will partying with Peter Hunt and Andy Paine as Brisbane gears up for the arrival of the Freedom Flotilla in August!

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