Message to all Supporters

We did it! Thanks to all of you for crowd-funding this project through Pozible and making this visionary idea into a reality! We’re amazed both by the amount of commitment people have shown as well as the sheer amount of people who have got behind this project. 197 supporters on Pozible is just the tip of iceberg. So many people have pooled their money together at fundraising parties, forums, from their communities, workplaces and churches.

Pozible Fundraising Success!

From its genesis as an idea 10 years ago at the Tent Embassy, a mission that at first sounded impossible, and then ridiculously optimistic, is finally becoming a reality!
Our flagship the Pog (me last year “but seriously where are we going to get a boat?”) is making the journey north to Cairns to be ready for the flotilla, Uncle Kevin is heading up to the Lake to make preparations for the start of the journey, and making delegations to the Brisbane Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

Meanwhile the broader West Papua Campaign is making wins internationally, with the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting this month likely to recognize West Papua as a member, a major recognition of West Papuan sovereignty.
We also thank you for your showing us with your donation that your not ignoring the genocide going on in our nations. Especially for this mission, it means a lot for our safety and our strength to know that people are actively watching what happens when the journey takes place. We’ll be keeping you up to date with key developments through  this website, but please also follow us on
twitter @flotilla2wp

If you live in Melbourne and want to hear about all West Papua related events, please join our e-list. To keep up to date with latest news from West Papua please follow

In the last few days our websites supporter page has been updated with heaps of new people and videos, and we also encourage you or your community group to leave your message on this page.

This journey across land and sea to West Papua will take a lot of strength and belief, and we thank you not only for your money but for giving us that.

On behalf of the whole Freedom Flotilla to West Papua Crew.

Big love to you all, there are celebrations of thanks happening right now in Melbourne, West Papua, and on the Pog!

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