Freedom Flotilla update – Stage 2 of Pog Mo Hon relocation – 1770 to Townsville

26th June, Townsville
Pog crew changeover # 4 welcome on board Lex! Beautiful night in magnetic island. Heading north tomorrow if de winds be good – fingers crossed for a south easterly.
Farewell, Big Thanks & Love to Pat & little Moo with BIG courage…for now xx
26th June, Townsville
Getting Pog’s new jib pole to Pog
26th June, Townsville
Pog Mo Hon’s new jib pole – yeeeah!!

June 21st, Bowen
Last night with legendary skipper George onboard in Bowen – Big love & endless thanks. Set sail first light onto townsville for another crew change! Pog is going well, endless laughs on board – winds in our favour – wish us luck for the next leg of the freedom flotilla voyage!

June 20th
Pog position report: approaching Bowen, QLD. Cupboards are all but bare, haven’t showered for a week, desperate for a counter meal at the local pub – please let the kitchen still be open when we arrive this eve!

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