Brisbane Aboriginal Embassy to host Freedom Flotilla to West Papua

Released by Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy

The Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy will be hosting travellers in the Freedom Flotilla from Lake Eyre to West Papua at our meeting place. The Freedom Flotilla will be welcomed to Jagera country at the sacred fire on Tuesday eveningfrom 4pm on the 30th of July. The flotilla is expected to stay in Brisbane for a few days.

The Flotilla’s purpose is to bring attention to ongoing genocide in West Papua since the Indonesianinvasion in 1971. A media blackout prevents foreign journalists fromentering the country.

Ronny Kareni West Papuan Independence Advocate and Freedom Flotilla Spokes Person, as well as Uncle Kevin Buzzacott of Arabunna country, a long time leading elder in the fight against uranium mining, are the forefront of the campaign and will be among the inspirational speakers at the ceremony on Tuesday.

“We have a responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters from across the water. We must bring the water and the fire, the love andthe music to heal the country and move in solidarity,” said Buzzacott.

Water ceremonially gathered from the sacred mound springs in Arabunna country south of Lake Eyre is travelling with the flotilla to be united with its head waters.

“We work for world peace and justice, we start from our region, the Pacific,” said Rumbiak.

The Flotilla departs from Cairns in a few weeks, making its way up to the Torres Strait and across to West Papua.

Supporters in Brisbane are encouraged to come and pitch a tent with the convoy during its stay at the embassy. There will be music (courtesy of the travellers’ mobile PA), food via FoodNotBombs, and Chai, during their time in Brisbane.

For more info contact

Uncle Kevin Buzzacot 0417 838 906 (Freedom Flotilla)

Boe Spearim 0424 610 492 (Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy)

For more details about the plight of West Papua and updates on the progress of the Flotilla goto:

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