Jakarta Post: TNI ready to intercept pro-OPM boats: minister

Bagus BT Saragih

The Indonesian Military has been ordered to be prepared to intercept the journey of two boats carrying pro-West Papua independence activists from Australia, Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Djoko Suyanto said on Sunday.

“I have asked the Navy and Air Force to standby and anticipate their journey,” he said in a statement made available to The Jakarta Post.

The minister also said that he had talked with Australian ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty. “That there should be no nation allowing its soil to be used as a departure point for the movement of a group aimed at disturbing other nation’s sovereignty. That is very clear.”

The minister also confirmed the government had never issued visas to the activists and permission for the boats to enter Indonesian waters.

“I heard they are concerned about violence and human rights. I think the Indonesian government shares similar concerns,” Djoko said.

Read the full story from the Jakarta Post

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