The Guardian: West Papua solidarity – and Spanish mackerel – on the Freedom Flotilla

The Guardian August 29th

Izzy Brown speaks with Marni Cordell

“Life aboard the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua has its fair share of trials and tribulations.

For such a diverse group of people to come together for a common cause is an amazing thing. With our different skills and knowledge, we bond every day on the water and in the wild winds; beneath our sails and around our camp fires and fish cook-ups, philosophies are shared within our common goal.

The waves we ride are reaching people and governments far away as we make our journey through treacherous coral reefs to tropical islands. Jacob Rumbiak, the West Papuan academic and political leader, uses his Papuan magic to wish for giant fish, and Spanish mackerel are caught in a matter of seconds.”

Read the full interview with Marni Cordell from The Guardian

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