Report From Den Hague Action

Image by IIona Mikkers

Image by IIona Mikkers

Was a good demonstration yesterday in front of the Indonesia embassy/ den Hague – Netherlands. Despite the short time notice, still 60 people turned up making a strong message. We want “Safe passage for the freedom flotilla and support for the people of west Papua. We had a very loud sound system and direct contact with the Flotilla, talking to Izzy on the speakers!
Image by IIona Mikkers

Image by IIona Mikkers

To illustrate we made our own Little flotilla of paper boats to put at the embassy. We demand of No military intervention and violence against the freedom flotilla. Key speakers of the organisations: Oridek Ap from West Papua campaign/NL and Quezt Tzab from indigenous movement, togehter with young and elder from west Papua, human right activist, musicians and supporters of the freedom flotilla! Merdeka!

“Today we stood in solidarity in front of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands. We support the Freedom Flotilla because they are raising awareness about the ongoing genocide and Human Rights violations in West Papua. We reminded Indonesia that West Papua, Maluku, Aceh, Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Kalimantan and Sulawesi want to be Free from the Illegal Indonesian Military occupation. Free all Political prisoners in Maluku and West Papua. Stop the killing of peacefull KNPB members in West Papua.

Free Victor Yeimo!


We will continue educating the Dutch People about what is happening today in there former colony.

We wish the Freedom Flotilla a save journey!

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