Sunshine Sounds @ Ballina Amphitheatre

This Sunday 8th Fundraiser for the Freedom Flotilla!
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Jah Life Music Presents:

Sunshine Sounds

Powered by Solidarity Sound

On the 2nd Sunday of every month through Spring/Summer between midday and sundown Sunshine Sounds will deliver a quality family friendly afternoon down by the river in Ballina playing quality music through a quality sound system.

Each month will see a range of DJ’s and vocalist’s grace the stage to bring music for the community, by the community.

The event will be run as purely not for profit with each month also promoting ethical and community minded organisations promoting a nurturing and sustainable future. Each month one organisation will be engaged to promote and raise funds for at the event.

Performers confirmed thus far include;

Solidarity Sound
28 Engine Sound
Scotty Brimstone
Elementary Sound
Thom E Gun
Crucial D
Ras de Marco
Sassafrass Sound

**If you would like to perform and donate some of you time at this event then feel free to contact Jah Life Music ( with your details.

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