Freedom Flotilla completes sacred mission

Evading the Indonesian navy, two tiny boats met near the Australia-Indonesia border to ceremonially reconnect the indigenous peoples of Australia and West Papua. The ceremony was the pinnacle of a 5000km journey beginning in Lake Eyre, in which sacred water and ashes were carried and presented to West Papuan leaders.

While the Freedom Flotilla’s flagship the Pog sailed towards West Papua, the world watched its progress via a live satellite tracker onboard the vessel, providing a much needed distraction for the clandestine ceremony to take place in an undisclosed location off the south coast of Papua.


The cultural exchange of Indigenous elders was held in secret, due to threats made by Indonesian government ministers and military officials who had stated that the navy and air-force would “take measures” against the peaceful protest, and had not ruled out the use of lethal force. Soon to be Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had also stated that Indonesia may do “whatever it wishes” to stop the peaceful protest.

During the momentous ceremony Arabunna Elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott presented the sacred water from the mound springs of Lake Eyre, along with ashes from the Aboriginal Tent Embassies around the country, to senior West Papuan leaders. The exchange was intended to reunite the cultures of the two indigenous peoples, whose lands where once joined before being separated at the end of the last ice age, and as a symbol of support for the West Papuans’ 50 year long struggle for freedom and justice under Indonesian military occupation.

Earlier this year, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott called out to all people to join him on this journey to West Papua. “We have a responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters from across the water. We must bring the water and the fire, the love and the music to heal the country and move in solidarity.”

Returning from the historic event Uncle Kevin Buzzacott said “we came in peace, not like those other politicians who are coming selling arms to the Indonesian military, like the Americans who just last month sold them Apache attack choppers, those are to be used against West Papuans, and they know it.”


“We made that dream that we’ve been building with Jacob Rumbiak since 2000, we made it happen,” he added.

Jacob Rumbiak said, “the spirit of the movement is still alive. Our people face many challenges for their freedom but they still show us today the determination and imagination to continue the struggle.”

Footage of the historic ceremony will be made available later tonight, having just been confirmed that participants have made the risky return across the heavily patrolled border, and are laying low inside West Papua.

21 thoughts on “Freedom Flotilla completes sacred mission

  1. The Indonesian Military couldn’t organize a root in one of their brothels let alone find this well marked boat with 3 war ships? what a mob of wankers!

    • They are one of the most corrupt and inept organisations on earth, and our government and others give them weapons and systems they will use against minorities in West Papua, Bali and other places on the archipelago, as for Bishop saying it is ok if the Indo’s target the peaceful group she hasn’t even been sworn in yet and we see her true colours already, fucking things here are about to go backwards for indigenous Australians under Abbott and company.
      Meanwhile fantastic effort from all involved, well done and doing your family and friends proud, hold your heads high.

  2. Fantastic stuff! Indigenous long-time cleverness easily outdoes narrow-thinking colonialism. All power to West Papuans and Aboriginal people.

  3. …thank God more of the world knows…so indonesia knows that whatever they do…will be witnessed now by the world…and reported…iim very happy about that…BUT…until you are free…THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED INDONESIA…ANY ALLY OF INDONESIA…YOU FIX THIS…INHUMANITY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED…also when ii read this piece their is a “technology” that caused me to see in lines…ii had to stop reading and looked away…my light is off in my room…so this “may be an attempt” of “SOME GOVERNMENT” to cause “sight damage” to anyone reading – or it can just BE MY COMPUTER – who knows…im just documenting this…ii am also an oppressed man and technology is there to harm…so be informed…and USA AND ANY ALLY…stop giving Indonesia TECH/ARMS/TRAINING…period…this government has proven to be inhumane…

  4. “The cultural exchange of Indigenous elders” ahah that made me laugh, awesome grammar mistakes. Glad everything went smooth without trouble or harrasment!!! what a great mission and great support for west papua! wish i could have come along 🙂

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