Jubi: Flyers Circulated to Welcome the Freedom Flotilla

Translated from Tabloid Jubi

Flyers from the Welcoming Committee for the Freedom Flotilla mission of peace and justice have been circulated since Wednesday, signed by the Committee chairman Jhon Wob and Secretary Robert Kaize. The Freedom Flotilla for peace and justice in on the move from Australia and planned to enter Merauke between the 5th and 30th of September 2013.

Copies of the flyer were received by Tabloid Jubi on Friday. The said that the Creator decided the place of each person, their clan, tribe, nation, ethnicity and race on this one planet, including the flora and fauna, along genealogical and cosmological lines.

The flyer continued, the Anim Ha region peoples, made up of the Malind,  Khimahama, Makleew, Kanume, Marori, Yeinan, Muyu, Wambon, Kombai, Korowai, Auyu, Yaghai, Wiyaghai, Tamaryo, Kou and Asmat, will receive a visit from their blood brothers and sisters, from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples, who are connected through genealogy and cosmology, who come with dignity on board the peace mission.

Thus, on this occasion, the Committee welcomed and invited the traditional peoples from across the West Papuan regions of Mamta-Tabi, Saireri, Domberai, Bomberai, Lapago serta Mepago who reside in Merauke and the administrative region of Merauke, Mappi, Asmat, along the Boven Digoel, to gather together at the residence of Jhon Wob for the Welcoming of the Flotilla.

Opposing this, AKBP Patrige Renwarin of the Merauke Police Office responded to the distributed flyers inviting the people to the Welcoming. “I want to make it clear to all strata of people that those who are coming to Merauke are not Ambassadors or Presidents” he asserted.

“They challenge the sovereignty of our nation. Thus, I ask to all groups not to be fooled by the flyers that have gone around. Better the people return to normal and go about their ordinary activities, look for food in order to survive” he pleaded.

He continued, the peaceful atmosphere of the Merauke Regency has to be nurtured and guarded. “Many issues have been developed by certain groups. Now for example, this boat has entered Merauke and the Police personnel are guarding them. That’s not the case. In fact issues such as this are only to make fools of the people” he said.

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