Pogcast Sep14: Freedom Flotilla Messages to Merauke & West Papuans

Messages from the crew of the Pog to the people of West Papua on the return towards Australia. “You have touched our hearts and minds and have inspired us not to give up the fight!” Image by akrockefeller, recorded direct via satellite from the studios of 3CR Community Radio Melbourne. Transcipt below:

We will do our utmost to continue the struggle for West Papuan Independence from our own shores, and in future journeys.

With hope and determination that one day very soon we will be celebrating with you the freedom of West Papuan

We will continue our acvocacy for the release of all political prisoners, and will continue to pressure for the Australian government to take positive political action.

Izzy Brown “the West Papuan people  that we have worked with in this movement have touched our hearts and minds and inspired us not to give up the fight. Stay strong the world is watching”

Sam Njubi ’’The operations and colonization of the west Papuan people must cease. The international community is watching you. We are with you in the struggle.’’

Tyron Wood ‘’Its time to and back the natural resources of West Papua to the people of West Papua. People around the world can no longer tolorate destruction of their lives and the enviroment by mining companies using military force to dictate law. Sorry we couldn’t make it this time, the West Papuan people are not forgotten and this is not the end of our journey.

Kia kaha! Stand Strong! (Maori Language)


Pat Angel  ‘Quote Pat’’Indonesia and Freeport mcmoren know what we that we struggle for the truth, they must face facts’’ we fully support your struggle, sorry we didn’t make it this year, but we will be back’

Amos Wainggai ‘our mission will never end no-one can stop we work together to get Independence. Merdeka! ’The First step is to send back all military to Java and grant west papua independence as declared in 11.10.2011 papua Merdeka’’

Abdul ’’the tide is turning, there is no stopping it. The TNI cannot get away with this cruel profiteering for much longer. Your struggle will not be forgotten.’’

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