Welcoming the Sacred Water and Ashes in Manokwari

Frans Kapisa – Deputy Prime Minister of Federal Republic of West Papua (FRWP), & Elieser Awom – Minister of Defence of FRWP, are welcomed with garlands of flowers at Rendani Airport in Manokwari, on their return from a ceremonial meeting with Aboriginal Elder Kevin Buzzacott carrying the sacred water and ashes. After a long march through town there are traditional dances and the national anthem is played to celebrate the symbolic re-unification of Indigenous Papuans and Australians.

1 thought on “Welcoming the Sacred Water and Ashes in Manokwari

  1. The little red bottle made it!!……in it the artesian water from the bubbler spring near Lake Eyre. This water’s taken 2 million years to travel from Papua to Lake Eyre and has been returned, along with ashes from the fires along the way, in a ceremonial act of human tradition, compassion and genius! What a journey and what an achievement!…..and unfortunately, how much more potential danger are these Papuan people in now?! We all need to pay attention, spread the word and help where we can. As Uncle Kevin says….”Free West Papua and you free yourself!” Their fate will be ours! Thanks to Uncle Kevin and Uncle Jacob, and to all the freedom flotilla mob for this inspiring action. Please also reflect upon the extraordinary gesture being made by Aboriginal Australia (for want of a better term!) to reach out so far when they have themselves been effectively colonised for 175 years longer than the Papuans. I’m sure this would not be lost on most indigenous people….as for us non-indigenous mob….time to pay attention… we’re in it together.

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