Al Jazeera: West Papuan human rights tragedy mocked by new Australian PM

Tony Abbott’s attack is the latest episode in a long tradition of Australian complicity in Indonesian state terror writes Kristian Lasslett

Barely two weeks into office and Australia’s prime minister, Tony Abbott, has committed his government to upholding an appeasement policy that has seen Australia entangled in some of the worst human rights abuses imaginable in the neighbouring region of West Papua, where a struggle for independence has been waged for over four decades.

The Abbott government’s intentions, in this respect, were loudly signalled following the arrival of seven West Papuan refugees in the Torres Strait Islands last week. The asylum seekers told Australian government officials they feared persecution at the hands of the Indonesian authorities after supporting a Freedom Flotilla, which had set sail for their province.

 Read the full article from Al Jazeera English

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