West Papua Tahun Baru 2014

Mountains high
Terima kasih untuk semuanya
I’d like to thank everybody who I have met on my journey in West Papua for your kindness and generosity. Thankyou for sharing your home, your stories and your songs. I will do my utmost to share these with the rest of the world.Your strength is an inspiration and your struggle is not forgotten.Sing loud and the world will hear you.

Mountains high

Freedom is in sight once obtained hold on tight, there are many battles still to fight and we will be with you.

The connections are made and cannot be broken, water from the Australian desert has returned home and our hearts will follow.

This year 2014 the Freedom Flotilla ‘Operation Freeport’ hopes to draw attention to the human rights abuses and destruction of the land by Freeport as well as highlighting the corruption and exploitation of the Indonesian government of West Papua’s land and people.

We are not many but our hearts are big and we will try our best and hopefully the rest will come. May the blindfolds be removed and we can walk united in struggle.

Izzy Brown
Freedom Flotilla West Papua

Kids JPTerima kasih untuk semuanya!Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih untuk semua pihak atas kebaikannya yang telah saya alami selama saya berada di Papua Barat ini. Terima kasih juga karena sudah menerima saya di dalam rumah kalian, sudah membagi cerita – cerita dan lagu – lagu kalian. Saya akan berusaha semaksimal mungkin untuk membagi cerita ini kepada dunia internasional.Kekuatan dan kegigihan mu adalah inspirasi dan perjuangan mu tak akan terlupakan.

Bernyanyilah sekeras mungin dan dunia akan mendengarkanmu.

Kami bisa melihat kemerdekaan oleh sebab itu, berpegang teguh saat kita meraihnya. Banyak perang yang harus di lawan namun , kami akan selalu bersama-sama dengan kamu.

Hubungan –hubungan telah kami bangun dan tidak dapat di patahkan. Air dari padang gurun di Australia telah kembali ke asalnya and hati kami akan mengikutinya.

Tahun 2014 ini, Freedom Flotilla ‘Operasi Freeport’ berharap akan mengangkat masalah-masalah hak asasi manusia dan mengrusakkan bumi Papua Barat oleh Freeport dan juga mengangkat ke permukaan masalah-masalah korupsi dan exploitasi yang di lakukan Pemeritah Indonesia terhadap bangsa Papua dan bumi Papua.

Kami berharap dapat membina komunikasi yang sudah ada dan berkerja sejalan dengan visi dan misi kamu.

Kami tidak banyak nanum kami memiliki hati yang besar dan kami akan berusaha semaksimal mungkin dan berhapap bahwa orang lain akan mengikuti kami. Semoga mata semua pihak dan dengan demikian kami mampu berjalan bersama – sama di dalam perjuangan ini.

Message to Uncle Kev from the Customary Council West Papua

Message to Uncle Kev from the Customary Council West Papua


Izzy Brown
Freedom Flotilla West Papua
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UNITED STRUGGLE PROJECT Objectives: Record music and make music video clips addressing issues face by displaced people with artists in affected areas, including one collaborative song with a representative from each place Forum for displaced people to express their stories through music and video and documentary making Create networks to unite global struggles Create links with artists globally Target racism against refugees in the broader community Background and Inspirations My main motivation is my love of music and belief in social and environmental justice. Music can be used as a tool for change and education to break down walls, create common ground and unite common struggles. Lake Eyre to West Papua Land and Sea Convoy for Peace and Justice Looking at the ancient ways to find the new beginnings… ‘’We were one people, we still are one people, we must up hold our cultural connection, the old land is calling us.’’ Uncle Kevin Buzzacott Arabuna elder.

2 thoughts on “West Papua Tahun Baru 2014

  1. How lovely Izzy.

    The photographs are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    I came across an inspirational message from David Norris to the people of East Timor (when genocide and human rights atrocities were being being committed by the Indonesian military against them and the world and Australia was turning a blind eye). It is so apt for West Papua. If I could have written them myself I would have. I do hope he will not mind if I quote him here:

    ‘good people of East Timor

    On behalf of myself, Bono and the band, U2, on behalf of most scribes and poets, most music, film and object makers, both here in Ireland and around the world, please be sure that we know of your strife and that evewn if we are not allowed to see you, know that we hear of you, and that when we don’t hear from you we think of you….all the more.

    There is no silence deep enough
    no blackout dark enough
    No corruption thick enough
    No business deal big enough
    No politician benmt enough
    No heart hollow enough
    No grave wide enough
    To buiry your story
    And keep it from us

    Love from a short distance
    Bono November 12, 1995

    Senator David Norris”

    Viva West Papua Merdeka


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