Meeting in Prison

On my second day in Jayapura after meeting some of the key players in the Federal Republic of West Papua’s interim government of which many of its members are exiled or imprisoned, I arranged to meet the political prisoners in Jail in Jayapura, these include the Prime Minister Edison Waromi and President Forkorus Yaboisembut and freedom fighter Filep Karma.

I entered the Prison under the guise of being a church rep ‘Rev Brown’. Luck was on our side and I made it in with a video camera between my legs.
We then retired to the on site prison church for what looked like a prayer circle to conduct our interviews. Being the festive season the prison was very busy with visitors and we went undetected. I’m excited to bring to you these interviews with the political prisoners in Abepura Prison Jayapura. Mandela maybe dead but his patience and determination lives on in the prisons of West Papua.

1 thought on “Meeting in Prison

  1. Thanks Izzy,
    I have no words that make sense after hearing these interviews except quoting uncle Kevin ‘free West Papua and you free yourself”.
    Safe travels and keep up the great work.

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