Melanesian Women Solidarity call out for equiptment

Melanesian Women Solidarity has put out the call for 5 laptops and 5 printers for women in West Papua. The laptops and printers will be distributed to 5 different regions in WP to help with the training of women to empower them in the non violent struggle for human rights in West Papua.

Also a request for video cameras for the women just came through.. please spread the word.. this stuff can save lives.

Any organization or individuals that willing to help PLEASE let us know ASAP


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About unitedstruggleproject

UNITED STRUGGLE PROJECT Objectives: Record music and make music video clips addressing issues face by displaced people with artists in affected areas, including one collaborative song with a representative from each place Forum for displaced people to express their stories through music and video and documentary making Create networks to unite global struggles Create links with artists globally Target racism against refugees in the broader community Background and Inspirations My main motivation is my love of music and belief in social and environmental justice. Music can be used as a tool for change and education to break down walls, create common ground and unite common struggles. Lake Eyre to West Papua Land and Sea Convoy for Peace and Justice Looking at the ancient ways to find the new beginnings… ‘’We were one people, we still are one people, we must up hold our cultural connection, the old land is calling us.’’ Uncle Kevin Buzzacott Arabuna elder.

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