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Natalie Pa’apa’a of Blue King Brown

Kevin Bracken Maritime Union of Australia

Gooniyandi Activist Vivian Malo

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale

Robbie Thorpe, Gunnai Elder & Sovereignty Activist

Bob Brown, Environmental Activist
David Bridie, musician
Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance Moreland Councillor
Len Cooper Secretary Communication Workers Union Victoria
rizeRize of the Morning Star Campaign
63457_10152739413705010_1629837326_n Free West Papua Campaign UK
3cr_logo_03CR Community Radio
MUAMaritime Union of Australia (MUA) – Victorian Branch
cropped-wanfa-banner1West Australia Nuclear Free Alliance
Huon Valley Environment Centre
Walmadan Country is Calling Campaign
Forest Rescue
Food Not Bombs Melbourne
Warren Entsch Federal Liberal MP for Leichhardt
Senator John Madigan Democratic Labour Party
Anthony Craig Democratic Labour Party
Australian East Timor Friendship Association
Mekamui News (Bougainville)
Gerry Georgatos Wikileaks Party Candidate for Western Australia

Mural at a school in Kanaky (New Caledonia)

Mural at a school in Kanaky (New Caledonia)

15 thoughts on “Supporters

  1. I have pledged my financial support and wish I could be there in person to share in this historic journey and lend my vocal, musical and artistic support. Kia kaha

  2. Those who say that life is not worth it, actually said that they do not have a personal life goal that is worthwhile. Have a goal worth fighting for life. Better yet, find a project for yourself. Always have something you are waiting, you expect an
    d strive for.

  3. To die on your turangawaewae(land) is one thing, to be forced off it is another. The repercussions affect many generations with a myriad of issues. The misuse of power for financial greed has to stop NOW.

  4. My support for you, for the rights of all in West Papua, for the right for peace and justice for everyone is with you. Your right to live freely and with civil liberties should not be denied. A good justice means accountability and transparency in all layers of Government and in all over judicial oversights. I stand alongside you in your right to shine the light on the plight of all who are kept in the dark by others. You my support in this as WikiLeaks Party candidate for Western Australia, you have it from the Human Rights Alliance, you have it from me as an investigative journalist in terms of your right to be and to have a voice, and to be heard, and for wrongs to be righted. Gerry Georgatos, Western Australia.

  5. For more than five decades people in West Papua have been denied myriad civil rights. People have been killed. The Indonesian Government has failed the right of your people to a voice. Human rights monitors have been denied access. The light must be shined and I support this. Otherwise how will a just, egalitarian human rights language and social justice vocabulary eventuate? Gerry Georgatos, Western Australia

  6. message sent to us from Korea!

    “한국은 이제 일본으로부터 독립된 막강한 자주독립국가이다.
    이 운동을 저지하는것은 옛 일본의 과오와 동일하며 범죄행위이다.
    웨스트파푸아는 그들의 의지가 분명한바 틀림없이 자주독립국가가 될 것이다.
    인도네시아는 국제적 법정에 설 날이 머지 않았으며 핍박이 아닌 그에 대한 속죄를 하길 바란다.

    Republic of South Korea is a very powerful sovereign and independent country, now Free from Japan`s brutal colonization of 50 years.

    If Indonesia prevents the “Freedom Flotilla” from entering West Papua, it will be making the same mistake as Militant Japan did to us (denying unalienable freedoms) and therefore willfully continuing its crime against humanity.

    West Papuans have expressed clearly their will to be independent from Indonesia, they therefore must now regain sovereignity of their own land Tanah Papua.

    Indonesia has no standing in an international court of justice. They should therefore be now making amends for the past wrongdoings (to the Peoples and Lands of Papua) NOT pressuring their `friendly neigbours`, Australia and PNG, to continue their complicity in genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of Papua.”

  7. Message just in from Japan!

    1. Never give in – to threats by belligerent powers

    2. Never go back — to apathy and indifference to historical injustice

    3. Never give up — on the cries of `Help!`from our West Papuan brothers and sisters, tortured inhumanely for half-a-century
    (with over 10,000 killed in every year of the Indonesian Military Government`s occupation)

    Margaret Mead (the American Anthropologist who became famous from her `studies` of Melanesian Pacific Islanders) once said that “a small, committed group of people can change the world“. You 50 brave people on the Freedom Flotilla, are that `small group of committed people` who are helping change the world of West Papuans — from slavery in their own lands to freedom for all Indigenous Peoples on Mother Earth.

    Ganbatte Kudasai
    Dokuritsu sugu

    Subete Nihonjin Yori

    • subarashii message…wish we could be on the waves with you across the Torres Strait to Free west Papua from Neo-colonialism…Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu… Namahage Nedo yori

  8. Message From Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA)

    The Australia Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) is an Aboriginal-led network of individuals and organisations that has worked since 1997 to oppose uranium mining and the nuclear industry.

    We are made up of members of communities directly affected by the industry as well as representatives of trade unions, health professionals, environment groups and Indigenous rights and nuclear-free organisations.

    An important part of our approach is to recognise and respect for the special relationship that First Nation peoples have with their lands, waters and cultural practise and the importance of peaceful action to celebrate, protect and defend these things.

    We know that these things are also important to participants in the Freedom Flotilla and we strongly support your initiative to highlight human rights abuses and concerns in West Papua.

    Australia and West Papua have long standing and continuing links – our lands were once joined and many of our hopes and aspirations for freedom and justice still are.

    ANFA members are honoured that our President – respected Arabanna Elder and peace-maker Uncle Kevin Buzzacott – is a leading figure in the Flotilla project.

    Our thoughts, hopes and solidarity travel with him and with you all in the days ahead.

    We are sure that your efforts will help increase the momentum for increased human rights and dignity in both Australia and West Papua.

    Thank you for your efforts. We wish you smooth seas, strong hearts and safe returns

  9. The DLP has already made it clear to the new Foreign Minister Julie Bishop where we stand and what we expect our government to do. We will be watching very closely and raising hell if any harm comes to the West Papuan Freedom Flotilla Anthony Craig DLP Federal Executive Officer Spokesperson West Papua

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