Who We Are


Kevin Buzzacott

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott (aka Uncle Kev) is an Aboriginal Elder from the Arabunna nation in South Australia. He has campaigned widely for cultural recognition, justice and land rights for Aboriginal people. He has initiated and led numerous campaigns against uranium mining at the BHP Billiton owned Olympic Dam mine in South Australia for their environmental contamination, theft of Indigenous land and exploitation of water from the Great Artesian Basin.

Uncle Kev successfully defied the Indonesian Navy and Australian authorities in 2013 when the West Papua Freedom Flotilla completed their mission to reconnect West Papuan and Aboriginal Peoples.

After a 5000 kilometre journey from Lake Eyre in South Australia all the way to the so-called Indonesian border north off the Torres Strait Arabunna Elder, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, delivered sacred water from his own country and ashes from Aboriginal tent embassies around Australia directly to West Papuan leaders via two small boats off the south coast of Papua, avoiding interception by authorities and gaining global media attention putting West Papuan issues in the spotlight.

Uncle Kev is the honorary president of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance and recipient of the Nuclear Free Future Award.

“When we move the land moves with us”

Jacob Rumbiak

Jacob Rumbiak, former political prisoner and member of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, is the Foreign Affairs Minister for the Federal Republic of West Papua. currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. His close relationship with Uncle Kev and the movement for Aboriginal Sovereignty began in 2000, when they met at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, after escaping from 10 years imprisonment to political exile in Australia. During his exile he has tirelessly campaigned to bring human rights abuses in West Papua to the attention of the Australian public, building a grassroots campaign in Melbourne while also acting as a diplomatic envoy to political leaders from around the world.

Jacob’s journey to freedom was portrayed in the short animation Interview #16 by Charlie Hill-Smith.

“We work for world peace and justice, we start from our region, the Pacific.”

Izzy Brown

Isabella (aka Izzy) Brown is founder of the United Struggle Project, rapper in Australian hip-hop band Combat Wombat and  co founder of the Lab Rats Solar Sound System. A lyricist, performer and film maker, her acclaimed film Ghettomoto premiered at the London International Documentary Film Festival. Izzy presently lives in Melbourne but has spent the last few years on tour with United Struggle Project and the West Papua Freedom Flotilla.

In 2013 Izzy was a crew member on board the Freedom Fotilla flagship Pog and also co-produced a film made from footage taken during the journey with Uncle Kev by land and boat from Lake Eyre to West Papua.

Izzy has been an active campaigner in the anti nuclear movement most recently campaigning against BHP’s Olympic Dam uranium mine with Uncle Kev.

Izzy’s main motivation is a love for music and belief in social and environmental justice.

“Music can be used as a tool for change and education to break down walls, create common ground and unite common struggles”
Ronny Kareni

Ronny Kareni

Ronny Kareni is an Independence advocate with Rize of the Morning Star, a campaign that uses music to shed light on the struggle of the West Papuan People. Ronny also works at 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne as Current Affairs Coordinator; and is a bass player in Tabura and Sing-Sing touring around Australia and the Pacific sharing the music and culture of Oceania. Ronny Kareni grew up as a refugee from West Papua in Wewak, Papua New Guinea.

“music and creative resistance are weapons of choice that can rize above tyranny”
Amos Wainggai

Amos Wainggai

Amos Wainggai, originally from Yapen Island West Papua, came to Australia by canoe with 42 other asylum seekers in 2006. He is one of the presenters of the West Papuan community show ‘Voice of West Papua‘ on 3CR Community Radio.

Making the return journey via sea, to the land where he fled from persecution, he hopes support his people who still live under repression.

“through our will to struggle we will achieve our freedom”


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