Blue King Brown come to Rock the Boat for West Papua

Blue King Brown just announced to headline Rock the Boat! Friday 16th Cultural Place Cairns


“We are heading up to Cairns Nth Queensland Australia to show our support and stand in solidarity with the inspiring Freedom Flotilla to West Papua, set to sail Tomorrow morning from Cairns!

This is a land and sea convoy for Peace and Justice following the old land and water ways from Lake Eyre to West Papua.

Sending much respect and positive energy to the Brave individuals embarking on this important mission, whilst the government ignores the violence taking place in Papua, the people and the international community will no longer stand by and let our brothers and sisters continue to suffer.

We Urge the Australian Government to ensure a safe passage to Papua for the Flotilla and we remind the Indonesian Government that the eyes
of the international community are on them.

#RizeUp for West Papua, #RizeUp for Peace and Justice ! PAPUA MERDEKA!!!”


Call out for work crew

Call out for work crew! ‘Pog mo hon’ the flagship for the flotilla is coming out of the water in Cairns from the 2nd of August for around 10 days for a service b4 the big journey. We need crew to scrape barnacles, paint decks and numerous other small maintenance jobs. We are also looking for artist to give her a mission appropriate paint job so feel free to send through your ideas. This will also be a good opportunity to meet the captain and other crew and help us determine who is coming on what and when and where. As you can see we still have a lot more people the boats so this is a good opportunity to see who works best in a team. We have other opportunities on the brew for those who are up for rowing out on kayaks with banners and flags for the launch. We also need crew up in Cairns to help with event promotion, media and potential solidarity actions depending on what arises on the water. We are heading out to the desert today to begin the land part of the convoy so we will be in and out of range, but please get in touch.  Big thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm to be part of this project, all your efforts are and will be greatly appreciated, and with our efforts combined hopefully the world will wake up to the injustices being committed. Hopefully see you out there xx Izzy

Cairns Shout Out

Cairns Launch for Freedom Flotilla to West Papua:

Thurs 15th August Press Conference (venue to be confirmed very soon)
Fri 16th August Rock the Boat Concert (venue to be confirmed very soon)
Sat 17th August Flotilla Launch

shout out NOW for musicians, artists activists & crew to get involved & join us at this epic community event for the launching of the West Papua Freedom Flotilla.
All Welcome.

Izzy Brown 0410 535 896 re: musicians, artists, sound techs etc
Nicky Stott 0424 307 921 re: logistics, Food not Bombs, Elders support

If you can’t make it please support us by kindly donating to this courageous action