Preparations for Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre WEATHER ALERT!!! supposed to rain maybe Sun-Thurs next week. Please check for weather for rain and road closers, if road is closed meet at Maree servo.
Please remember to bring all your own camping gear the desert can get really cold at night, food, water and cooking gear. You will need to be self sufficient at the base camp from the 20th to the 25th. Port Augusta is a good spot to stock up along the way as there is not much in Maree.
The base camp at Allberrie crk is 50km West from Maree on the the left down the Oodnadatta Track. (look out for 2 planes sticking out of the ground)
mutonia planes
Maree is the last spot to get fuel. Please check internet for weather for rain and road closers, if road is closed meet at Maree servo.
Check list:
  • Torch
  • Matches
  • Swag/tent
  • Water/food
  • Warm clothes/outrageous costumes
  • Spare tier/ tools
  • Spare jerry can for fuel
  • Musical instruments/equipment.. any spare leads mike ect s may come in handy
C u soonx Izzy

Lake Eyre Shout Out

20th-25th July Lake Eyre- Base Camp Alberrie Creek Station S.A.
AHOY peeps headin to Lake Eyre – don’t Forget to bring enough water for drinking, cooking, washing etc. At this point no one is bringing a water tank so everyone needs to be responsible for their own water. THERE IS NO WATER THERE! We will have a basic communal kitchen setup but bring food to share & vital camping gear, swags, tents, head torches, safely secured spare gas bottles, tools, shovels, solar lights, firewood etc. It’s very cold at night & it’s very dark. Aim to be self-sufficient.

There is a Car Pool happening on facebook


shout out NOW for musicians, artists activists & crew to get involved & join us on this epic journey
Izzy Brown 0410 535 896 re: musicians, artists, sound techs etc
Nicky Stott 0424 307 921 re: logistics, Food not Bombs, Elders support

Message from Uncle Kevin Buzzacott:
“I’m calling for volunteers to help set up the camp at Alberrie Creek, near Lake Eyre SA. Anyone who could transport gear, work at the camp or pick up 2nd hand collections are welcome. We’re looking for donations of chairs, lounges, tables, tents, tarps, cooking gear etc to make the camp comfortable. Crew will be heading up soon to make a start, so join in where you can. Thanks for support so far. This is a very important mission we’re taking on to free West Papua.”

If you can’t make it please support us by kindly donating to this courageous action