Welcoming the Sacred Water and Ashes in Manokwari

Frans Kapisa РDeputy Prime Minister of Federal Republic of West Papua (FRWP), & Elieser Awom РMinister of Defence of FRWP, are welcomed with garlands of flowers at Rendani Airport in Manokwari, on their return from a ceremonial meeting with Aboriginal Elder Kevin Buzzacott carrying the sacred water and ashes. After a long march through town there are traditional dances and the national anthem is played to celebrate the symbolic re-unification of Indigenous Papuans and Australians.

Freedom Flotilla Final Days

Pitting their wits against the might of the Indonesian Navy, four of our most infamous politicians ”Turn em back” Abbott, ”Bomb the boats” Bishop, ”Cruel hoax” Carr and Kevin ”Sorry” Rudd joined the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua as it crossed into Indonesian waters in an attempt to make contact with West Papuan leaders. The last remaining ship of the Flotilla, Pog Mo Hon, was turned back by orders of the Indonesian Navy but those courageous Australian pollies boarded the tiny but determined dinghy Johnny Junior and set forth into these perilous waters. We have received no communication thus far but you can track their progress online. They carry a statement of the Freedom Flotilla’s demands for the Indonesian Government. This statement was originally prepared by Jacob Rumbiak FRWP and read by Amos Wanggai directly to the Indonesian Navy via VHF radio moments before Pog Mo Hon was turned back.

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