Donate to the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua direct to
BENDIGO BANK: A/C Name: Freedom Flotilla BSB: 633000 A/C: 153295308

UPDATE: The boats are in various states of disrepair! We urgently need your help to get the Flotilla back on the water and flights for Elders to get to the West Papua Freedom Forum in Darwin on the 4th of July 2015

“We were one people, we still are one people, we must up hold our cultural connection, the old land is calling us.” Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Arabuna elder.

The campaign to draw attention to the plight of the West Papuan people continues.  Previous crackdowns by Indonesian military against West Papuan supporters of the Freedom Flotilla clearly demonstrates the lack of freedom and atmosphere of repression in occupied West Papua.


Graphic by AKRockefeller

The Freedom Flotilla to West Papua is calling for your continued support in our latest campaign. There are the costs providing assistance including travel expenses to West Papuan & Aboriginal Elders and spokespeople, the ongoing expense of long distance phone calls to West Papua, satellite phones and boat repairs.

This campaign is entirely run by hardworking and passionate volunteers, so you can be sure that your donation will be well spent!

Please support the cause by kindly donating to:

Bendigo Bank  Account Name: Freedom Flotilla BSB: 633000 − ACC: 153295308

We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who has supported us this far. Thanks to all of you for making this visionary idea into a reality!

We’re amazed both by the amount of commitment people have shown as well as the sheer amount of people who have got behind this project. So many people have pooled their money together at fund-raising parties, forums, from their communities, workplaces and churches.  Without you, the Freedom Flotilla would not be possible.

Stay tuned for updates & Big love to you all!!

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