Mural for a Free West Papua.

Mural underway on the corner of Bennett Street and Cavanagh Street Darwin. In support of Australians for a Free West Papua.

Amazing mural going up at this moment on the corner of Bennett Street and Cavanagh Street. In support of Australians for a Free West Papua.

Amazing mural going up at this moment on the corner of Bennett Street and Cavanagh Street. In support of Australians for a Free West Papua.

Northern Territory artists have collaborated with well-known Larrakia Elder and artist June Mills and West Papuan Independence campaigners to create Darwin’s largest mural depicting images and words of solidarity and support for West Papuan political independence.

The mural, featuring the Aboriginal and West Papuan Morning Star flag was painted by over 20 local artists and will be completed with a signing off by visiting West Papuan Independence leader Jacob Rumbiak this morning at 11am at its city central site on the corner of Bennett and Cavanagh Streets.

The raising of the Morning Star flag is a crime in West Papua under the brutal Indonesian military occupation, punishable by 15 years. It now hangs here in the centre of Darwin city protected by the Larrakia people and the wider community to remind all Australians of our obligations to work alongside  our near neighbours in their struggle for human rights and freedom.

Photo and interview opportunities at 11am at the site of the mural.

Call Cindy Watson from Australians for a Free West Papua on 0407 267 502

In support of Australians for a Free West Papua.

In support of Australians for a Free West Papua.

Biak Massacre Ceremony

”On Sunday night here in Darwin, Northern Territory, I performed a Larrakia sacred smoking ceremony for the Biak Massacre and all West Papuan people who have lost there lives and their families. This one of my favourite images of the night.” June Mills


In 1998, Indonesian forces opened fire on West Papuan citizens in Biak, where the Morning Star flag had been raised in support of West Papua’s independence.
The Indonesian military violently raided houses and forced West Papuan people toward the sea – then tortured, raped and murdered innocent Papuans, murdering over 100 men, women and children. Their Bodies were piled into awaiting Indonesian naval ships. No member of the Indonesian forces have been brought to justice for this crime against humanity.
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West Papua Freedom Forum 2015

11011756_715874311874989_574954193384334094_nThe first Freedom Forum held in Darwin on Larrakia Land was held this week. The forum was a united gathering of representatives of West Papuan and Indigenous nations and non-Indigenous Australians who resolved to recognise the sovereignty of West Papua and work towards a peaceful end to the brutal Indonesian military occupation of West Papua.

The first Freedom Forum held in Darwin on Larrakia Land  Papua Merdeka!

The first Freedom Forum held in Darwin on Larrakia Land
Papua Merdeka!

The Forum applauded the recent endorsement of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) as observers in the Melanesian Spearhead group.

The forum welcomed the solidarity and support offered to the West Papuan Independence movement by the Maritime Union of Australia NT who resolved to “speak out against the atrocities being perpetrated on the West papuan people by Indonesia”.

The forum calls on the Australian government to end all cooperation with the Indonesian occupying forces carrying out a slow genocide of the West Papuan people. The Australian government has been working hand in glove to maintain Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua by providing political endorsement, financial assistance and military training used to perpetrate the most severe human rights violations.

The first Freedom Forum held in Darwin on Larrakia Land  Papua Merdeka!

The first Freedom Forum held in Darwin on Larrakia Land
Papua Merdeka!

The forum calls for Australia to rescind the 2006 Lombok Treaty between Indonesia and Australia which seeks to silence speech and actions in support of a free West Papua.11220479_10153504116554040_4012955531909460644_n

The forum further resolved to:

i) send a delegation of representatives from Indigenous nations across Australia to attend the Pacific Island Forum in September 2015.

ii) To escalate actions aimed at exposing the human rights abuses taking place in occupied West Papua, including efforts to increase media access and international attention on the occupation

iii) to support further attempts to reunify the Indigenous nations across the Pacific including through further actions by the Freedom Flotilla and actions to undermine the false borders established by the occupation.

Honai Embassy

Honai Embassy

West Papuans struggling for freedom deserve our solidarity and support. The conference resolved to intensify our efforts to bring justice and freedom to the people of West Papua.

Papua Merdeka!


World’s only West Papuan embassy under eviction

DARWIN 7 July 2015
The world’s only West Papuan embassy was established yesterday on the lawns of the northern territory parliament, this morning it still stands, but it is under threat of eviction.

The embassy is making history, with West Papuan, Larrakia and Arabunna Elders and non-indigneous activists gathering on the grounds outside parliament drawing attention to the ongoing genocide in West Papua by the Indonesian occupiers.

“We’re refusing to leave until a parliamentary representative speaks with us and commits to a plan of action for West Papuan Independence.”said spokesperson Izzy brown

With a traditional Honai hut erected, a welcome by Larrakia elder June Mills, and the morning star flag flying, the embassy stands as a space where West Papuan culture is celebrated.

“This falls on the anniversary of the Biak Massacre but the killing is ongoing. The Biak Massacre started by a flag raising, by people celebrating their Papuan identity with the morning star flag. Men. Women and children were slaughtered, put up as an example to any one that raises a flag of self-determination.” Said Larrakia Elder June Mills

Exile  West Papuan Foreign Affairs Minister, Jacob Rumbiak, said recently the occupation in West Papua has worsened with Indonesia killing hundreds involved in the student movement.

“We are supporting the United Liberation Movement of West Papua. People in Papua are united in their struggle for independence” Jacob Rumbiak, West Papuan Foreign Affairs Minister

“We are not going to close our eyes we are not going to close our hearts. We are here to give a voice to the voiceless. Children do not deserve to grow up in a war zone” said Larrakia Elder June Mills

“The time has come for us to make world peace, West Papuans have the right to live in freedom” said Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott

The embassy has resulted from a 3 day forum on the West Papuan struggle in Darwin, which was attended by West Papuan, Larrakia, and Arabunna elders, and representatives as well as non-indigenous supporters, including crew members from the West Papuan Freedom Flotilla.

The Freedom Flotilla is set to sail again to draw attention to the destruction and genocide perpetrated by multinational corporations and colonial governments against the West Papuan people, we are targeting share-holder Rio Tinto over the Freeport Grasberg mine.

Further comment:
Izzy Brown, Freedom Flotilla Spokesperson, 0410535896
Ronny Kareni, West Papuan Media Spokesperson 0401222177

West Papua Freedom Forum

WEST PAPUA FREEDOM FORUM 4th to 6th July Stokes Hill Wharf Function Centre, Stokes Hill Rd, DARWIN ENTRY FREE or by donation, food & refreshments by donation Welcome to Country Sat 4th July 10am
Enquiries: 0497513584 or 0410535896 or 0450672692
This is a call out to Australian West Papua organizations, supporters, freedom fighters and concerned citizens, artists, musicians and media. This is an invitation from Larrakia June Mills Gunluckiinimul and Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna Elder, as well as the West Papua Freedom Flotilla, Australians For a Free West Papua and the Federated Republic West Papua Women’s Office to come together on Larrakia Country in Darwin for the West Papua Freedom Forum 2015.

Get involved in a nation wide anti-colonization gathering of consciousness to coordinate solidarity between allies within the Free West Papua movement and Indigenous struggle everywhere. Share skills and experiences, and increase involvement in each others projects, we invite you to propose a workshop, talk, creative action, storytelling or musical performance.

The Freedom Forum will result in a public statement and action plan.

“We cant have this murder on our door step. We must contest the Indonesian authority. We must free West Papua at all cost, we gonna need all your help.’’ Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Arabunna Elder


Share skills and experiences, and increase involvement in each others projects, we invite you to propose a workshop, talk, creative action, storytelling or musical performance.  Please let us know if you want to propose a contribution to the event, or if there are any other key people in the campaign that we should forward this invitation to (Contact Izzy Brown, logistics 0410535896 or

We are still fundraising for this event. Please consider donating to help make it happen! BENDIGO BANK bsb 633000 a/c 153295308

As West Papuans surge forward with their push for membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group, and the campaign in Australia gathers momentum from decades of awareness raising in the wake of the Freedom Flotilla: Lets gather to take the campaign to the next level.

Last year we witnessed the historic foundation of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, bringing the West Papuan National Coalition for Liberation, the Federated Republic of West Papua and the National Parliament of West Papua (along with the West Papuan National Committee) together in their push for diplomatic recognition at the MSG. We believe that now is the time for the Australian Solidarity movement to follow their lead and revive the co-operation between our regional campaign groups, consolidate our strength and co-ordinate our strategies to increase pressure on the Australian and Indonesian governments.

We believe that the Australian campaign strength lies in its regional and demographic diversity, with campaign groups having strengths including church and union organising, academic research and media production, fundraising and direct action. By co-ordinating our campaigns around certain events and focused demands, we can better share our skills and resources and amplify the effects of our campaign internationally.


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Juru bicara Freedom Flotilla Papua Barat, Izzy Brown, telah mengkonfirmasi bahwa Freedom Flotilla akan membentangkan layar dari Darwin pada tahun ini untuk melakukan aksi langsung terbaru mereka di lautan untuk menyorot kerusakan yang dilakukan oleh korporasi multinasional dan pemerintahan kolonial pada lahan dan masyarakat Papua Barat; terutama menargetkan pemilik saham terbesar di pertambangan Freeport di Timika, yaitu korporasi Rio Tinto.
”Kami menargetkan Freeport karena pembunuhan masal yang mereka lakukan di Papua Barat sangatlah menjijikkan. Selain membiayai militer Indonesia untuk membunuh masyarakat pribumi Papua Barat, mereka juga meracuni tanah dan perairan di Papua Barat hingga titik yang mustahil untuk diperbaiki, tanpa mempedulikan standar lingkungan internasional sama sekali,” kata Brown. Freedom Flotilla Papua Barat telah berhasil melewati Angkatan Laut Indonesia dan petugas pemerintahan Australia pada tahun 2013, ketika mereka berhasil melakukan misi mereka untuk menghubungkan kembali masyarakat Papua Barat dan kaum Aborigin. Setelah melewati perjalanan sejauh 5000 kilometer dari Danau Eyre di Australia Selatan hingga titik yang disebut sebagai “perbatasan Indonesia” jauh di Utara pada selat Torres; Tetua Arabunna, Paman Kevin Buzzacot, memberikan air suci dari lahan mereka sendiri disertai abu dari upacara sakral yang dilakukan diantara dua kapal kecil diluar teluk selatan Papua tersebut, dengan menghindari intersepsi oleh petugas pemerintahan. Aksi tersebut berhasil mendapatkan perhatian sorotan media global kepada isu Papua Barat.

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Paman Kevin Buzzacott dan Freedom Flotilla Papua Barat akan berpartisipasi dalam Forum Pembebasan Papua Barat di Darwin pada bulan Juli untuk memperingati Pembantaian Biak, dengan fokus kepada pembangunan jaringan pribumi Papua Barat dan Australia. Tetua Aborigin Larrakia dan Arabunna June Mills dan Paman Kevin Buzzacott, bersama dengan organisasi-organisasi Papua Barat Australia, kelompok-kelompok pribumi, dan para pendukung non-pribumi akan berkumpul di forum ini pada 4-6 Juli untuk berpartisipasi dalam diskusi, workshop, berbagi cerita, dan pertunjukan musik. Pemimpin Papua Barat yang terusir, mantan tahanan politik dan anggota dari Persatuan Pergerakan Pembebasan Papua Barat, Jacob Rumbiak, juga akan menghadiri Forum Pembebasan tersebut setelah kembali dari Kepulauan Solomon dimana ia telah memfasilitasi penyertaan keanggotaan Papua Barat dalam badan regional yang tangguh, Melanesian Spearhead Group.
“Kami bekerja untuk kedamaian dan keadilan di dunia, dimulai dari area kami, Pasifik.” kata Rumbiak. Paman Kevin Buzzacott telah mengkonfirmasi bahwa Forum Pembebasan Papua Barat akan mengeluarkan pernyataan publik dan rencana aksi untuk memperingati Pembantaian Biak, dimana lebih dari 150 orang telah disiksa dengan brutal, hingga kemudian dibunuh dan dibuang tubuhnya di lautan; setelah aksi protes mendukung kemerdekaan pada kepulauan utara Papua Barat, Biak, Juli 1998.
“Kami tidak bisa membiarkan pembunuhan ini didiamkan pada pintu kami. Kami harus menantang kekuasaan Indonesia. Kami harus memerdekakan Papua, dengan risiko apapun.” kata Buzzacott.

Kontak Media untuk Forum Pembebasan: Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Tetua Arabunna 0431157747
Kontak media untuk Papua Barat: Ronny Kareni, Juru Bicara Media Papua Barat 0401222177


West Papua Freedom Flotilla spokesperson Izzy Brown has confirmed that the Freedom Flotilla will set sail from Darwin this year to undertake their latest direct action on the high seas to highlight damage caused by multinational corporations and colonial governments on the land and people of West Papua, specifically targeting major shareholder Rio Tinto and the Freeport Grasberg mine in Timika.

”We’re targeting Rio Tinto and the Freeport Grasberg mine because the genocide they are committing on the West Papuan people is disgusting. Not only are they funding the Indonesian military to kill indigenous West Papuans, they are also poisoning the land and water beyond repair and disregarding global environmental standards,” Ms Brown said.

The Freedom Flotilla to West Papua successfully defied the Indonesian Navy and Australian authorities in 2013 when they completed their mission to reconnect West Papuan and Aboriginal Peoples.

After a 5000 kilometre journey from Lake Eyre in South Australia all the way to the so-called Indonesian border north off the Torres Strait Arabunna Elder, Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, delivered sacred water from his own country and ashes from Aboriginal tent embassies around Australia directly to West Papuan leaders.

The secret ceremony took place between two small boats off the south coast of Papua, avoided interception by authorities and gained global media attention putting West Papuan issues in the spotlight.

Flotilla Media Contact for Direct Action: Izzy Brown 0497513584 or 0410535896flag-dawn_fb