West Papuan Blood on your hands

IMG_9648 Today The Freedom Flotilla West Papua has chosen to respond to the joint US and Australian ‘war games’ with a direct action on the high seas, drawing attention to the West Papuan struggle for independence against the cruel Indonesian occupation.

West Papua flotilla crew

West Papua flotilla crew

The Flotilla are focusing on the US and Australia’s engagement in enabling and supporting this occupation, which dates back to the flawed 1961 U.N. facilitated takeover of West Papua. Both US and Australian ongoing financial and Military support has continued to the present day as have the subsequent widely reported killings and human rights violations in West Papua by Indoensian forces.West Papua  11755227_10206013981263089_8390875983778304129_n West Papua has been under Indonesian military occupation since the 1969 vote when Indonesia handpicked 1025 West Papuans who were forced to vote at Indonesian gunpoint. Since, West Papua has suffered a widely reported genocide with now over 500,000 Papuan citizens killed, raped and tortured. Flotilla initiator, Arabunna Elder Kevin Buzzacott, says that “We can no longer have this murder on our doorstep”

West Papua-

West Papua-

”Australia and the U.S. are complicit in the genocide happening in West Papua. The blood of West Papua is on your hands” Izzy Brown – Freedom Flotilla West Papua IMG_9676 The 2014 U.S Department of State report on Human rights released recently highlighted Indonesian forces continued human rights abuses in West Papua. http://www.state.gov/j/drl/rls/hrrpt/humanrightsreport/index.htm?year=2014&dlid=236442#wrapper This report revealed systematic cover ups of torture and killings. Freeport mine is also renowned for complicity and systematic human rights abuses by security forces employed by Freeport including surveillance, mental torture, death threats and house arrest. Freeport’s operations in West Papua have caused severe degradation to the Amungme people’s environment and habitat, contributing to the ongoing cultural genocide throughtout West Papua. 11745500_10206013979743051_2871693416964087960_n The Australian government reduced foreign aid to Indonesia this year but funding, including Indonesian police training and assistance have remained to secure fragile relations between the nations. Indonesian forces are guilty of gross human rights violations and Australia has to stop funding and feeding the fear and brutal killings. West Papuan people are struggling for freedom. Many Papuans are struggling for their lives. They have asked for our help. We helped the Timorese in their time of need. The people of West Papua also deserve our support. Contact Freedom Flotilla to West Papua freedomflotillamedia@gmail.com Cindy Watson Australians for a Free West Papua 0407267502

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UNITED STRUGGLE PROJECT Objectives: Record music and make music video clips addressing issues face by displaced people with artists in affected areas, including one collaborative song with a representative from each place Forum for displaced people to express their stories through music and video and documentary making Create networks to unite global struggles Create links with artists globally Target racism against refugees in the broader community Background and Inspirations My main motivation is my love of music and belief in social and environmental justice. Music can be used as a tool for change and education to break down walls, create common ground and unite common struggles. Lake Eyre to West Papua Land and Sea Convoy for Peace and Justice Looking at the ancient ways to find the new beginnings… ‘’We were one people, we still are one people, we must up hold our cultural connection, the old land is calling us.’’ Uncle Kevin Buzzacott Arabuna elder.

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